Justin believes in long lasting, reliable products that contribute greatly to our lives. 

Next to simplistic, he feels a product should be intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

Intuitive products guarantee a certain clarity which highly improves the usability.

High quality materials and the right proportions increase one’s trust in a product,

which will result in more usage of that product.


Justin thrives on well designed products. They give him a strong feeling of comfort and joy. 

When designing, he is always looking for the most clever solutions. He loves to determine

the primary function of a part and coming up with possible solutions.

He will eventually pick out the one that fits the product best in multiple ways while maintaining

the overall aesthetic he is looking for.

Exhibtions & Press features

2018 | Milan Design week | w/ Modest by Loof at Bar Anne

2018 | Object Rotterdam | w/ Modest by Loof

2018 | Volkskrant Magazine | w/ Modest by Loof

2018 | Scandinavian Living | w/ Modest by Loof

2018 | April & May | w/ Modest by Loof