Cartoni Design® Visualization

Amsterdam-based Dutch Design label Cartoni Design offers a wide range of furniture designs, made from sustainable materials. The label inspires customers on how to deal responsibly with raw materials, people and the enviroment without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. 

Cartoni Design attended the Milan Design Week 2019 and asked Studio Kevin Shek and Justin Jorissen to create new computer generated images for their promotional content, such as their website, catalogues, folders and press purposes. Justin and Kevin worked closely with Cartoni Design to understand their brand experience, which is needed for creating the right setting in the final images. A generated image represents the products functionality and brand identity. 

The materialization, lighting and enviroment setup are defined in collaboration with Cartoni Design, to ensure that the images are in line with the existing products. The images are rendered in high definition and are adaptable for multiple purposes. A selection of the final images are displayed on this page.

Year                         2019

Brand                       Cartoni Design

Collaboration           Kevin Shek

Press features         Milan Design week

                                Cartoni Design website

                                Cantor Circulair meubilair