Modest bed

Amsterdam-based brand Loof makes wooden furniture. Their core values are quality, a sharp eye for details, sustainable materials and locally produced products.

Driven by a certain lifestyle, Loof aims to bring serenity and calmness to interiors worldwide. They do so by maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic.

Loof teamed up with Justin to take a dressed-down approach on traditional beds by returning to it’s fundamental elements. Deciding what is essential in a bed and what can be left out, their journey led to the contemporary and pure Modest bed.

Image by Crisp sheets

After a wide analyses of the market and habits in and around the bed, Justin started sketching, making wooden models and digital renders to determine the right proportions and aesthetic for the bed. When the overall shape was defined, all the details in terms of makeability, look & feel and functionality were worked out by Justin.

Year                         2017

Brand                       Loof

Material                      Beech

Photography            Thomas van Schaik (unless stated different)

Press features          Milan Design week

                                 Object Rotterdam

                                 Volkskrant magazine

                                 Scandinavian Living

Image by Crisp sheets